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Why do some people not turn to God? Why would one reject a God who offers love, compassion, forgiveness, and strength? Tune in to hear the four main reasons people don't turn to God and then learn as Sharon dispels these myths with God's truth. If you are seeking to find the truth about God, this program is for you!

Motivational Minute:
Every day is a brand new beginning. It's never too late to make a change in your life for the better.

Why don't people turn to God ?

I think there are four reasons. People think:

  1. They don't need Him
  2. They are afraid of Him
  3. The don't believe Him
  4. They don't know Him


The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other finds an excuse.

  1. They think they don't need Him.
    They think everything is going fine. They don't need God. They have enough money; their health is fine, etc.
  2. They are afraid of Him. Some people are afraid of change. They are afraid that God will take away their fun. They feel like they will have to give up everything they love.
  3. They don't believe Him
    They think their sins are too bad for God to forgive them. Often they haven't forgiven themselves and don't believe that God could possibly forgive them. Often, they don't want to even face their sins and turning to God reveals these things they don't want to face.
  4. They don't know Him.

They are looking for something to fill the void in their lives, but they are looking in the wrong places. They try to fill the void in simple pleasures that will never fill the emptiness. The void in our souls can only be filled with God's Holy Spirit.

I used to have a toy that was a red and blue ball. The ball was covered with holes of many shapes. I would take the yellow shapes and try to fit the yellow shapes into the correct hole. The star shape wouldn't fit into the round hole. I had to find the perfect star hole before that shape would fit.

It's the same with God. We are made in His image. Only He can fulfill our being. Only then are we complete.


Most people are willing to change, not because they see the light, but because they feel the heat.

The Truth of Turning to God

Here are just a few Scriptures which tell the Truth of who God really is. These are just a few of many verses which show God's love and compassion for all of us!

John 3:16-17 Psalm 103:11-12
Matthew 11:28 Lamentations 3:22-23
Psalm 25:7 Jeremiah 29:11

Take Action

Ask a Christian you know what church they attend and go with them. Or if you prefer, I personally invite you to visit my church, Village Baptist Church.

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