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Links to The Glimpse of Heaven Collection®If you're looking for the perfect piece of jewelry with beauty and meaning, consider the Glimpse of Heaven Collection®. The world offers plenty of beautiful jewelry; rarely does that beauty also include Bible based truth and hope in every piece. This is their distinction.

Biblically Inspired ...

Revelation 21 in the Bible inspired the jewelry of the Glimpse of Heaven Collection®. It describes the city of Heaven - the New Jerusalem, where God will dwell with His children forever! The entire city is like a precious jewel. The walls are made of jasper, the city of pure gold and the foundation of Heaven's walls of twelve precious stones (Revelation 21: 19-21)

Those twelve precious stones are represented by the 12 beautiful gemstones in each piece of Glimpse of Heaven Collection jewelry!

Ah, the sight we will behold when the light of God, Himself, radiates through each and every hue of color! The entire city will be like a precious jewel, and we will walk in the middle of it, surrounded by its' beauty! The Bible also tells us that there are twelve gates into the city and each gate is made of one single pearl! So, in some of our pieces, lustrous pearls are used to represent the pearly gates! How loving of God to offer us the hope and beauty of Heaven in His Word, and in a tangible way through every piece of jewelry in the Glimpse of Heaven Collection®. To Him be the glory! Links to The Glimpse of Heaven Collection®

About the Collection

Thoughtfully designed, the gold and silver pieces of the Glimpse of Heaven Collection® offer a complete ensemble of jewelry for your most precious person - necklaces, bracelets and pendants. The image at the left is but a poor representation of their beauty.

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