A Wonderful Life with Sharon Hinton Smith DVDs


A listing of all of the A Wonderful Life with Sharon Hinton Smith shows is available on A Wonderful Life Internet TV Channelon this site or, for current shows, linked in the printable schedule on the Inspiring Television page. In case you wish to view the shows on your TV or to have them as a permanent part of your video library, DVDs can be purchased. Purchase buttons are on each video page. They link directly to Paypal; it couldn't be easier than that.

Show Notes are also available for each show. These notes are meant to compliment the TV broadcast. To fully understand the message, view this program along with its notes. Our Show Notes are free for you to print and save. A link to that show's Show Notes is available on each show's TV Internet Channel page..awl-screenshot

The screen shot on the right is the opening of A Wonderful Life and is linked to " Your Dream Marriage, Part 1 " video of that show. Enjoy! A number of Sharon's AWL shows are posted on Sharon's own Channel at www.trueGOD.tv Opens a new window., as well.